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Subject: "*SPOILERS* Fulcrum V *SPOILERS*"     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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Conferences Warriors of the Outer Rim Topic #42
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Star Ranger4
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Nov-19-16, 02:24 PM (EDT)
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6. "RE: *SPOILERS* Fulcrum V *SPOILERS*"
In response to message #5
   LAST EDITED ON Nov-19-16 AT 02:44 PM (EST)
>Beyond the bias...Achika also made it pretty clear she was happy with
>a fresh start not too long ago. Who knows what the future holds?

For Len? a LOT of meditation! Cause it sure seems like he's following in Dad and Corwin's footsteps and collecting a following of women who feel a great deal for him.

Though as a Jedi, one MIGHT think that the force would clue him in better to whats happening to him. Then again, Cluelessness about women attaching themselves to them seems to be a Hutchins family trait.

For the first time in a while, though, I feel Very let down G. And here's why: After all that buildup, the machine basically fizzles. Sure, I understand your reasoning, but at that point I kinda felt like ol Marvin the Martian... "Where is my earth shattering KABOOM?!?!?!?!?"

Somehow it feels to me like the ending should have gone more like "Emmy wrecks machine, Machine is going to run away and destroy EVERYTHING. Following the whispers of the force, Len basically pulls what he expects to be a suicide move and uses its power to contact Kei and 'bequeath' her his sabre; only Emmy pulls that other Jedi stunt and pulls him back like she and Vader did for Obi-wan.

Hmm.... That reminds me. What does this mean for Emmy, being caught up and channeling all that dark stuff? At the moment, I think she's the better definition of Anakyn having brought balance to the force by having become able to wield both sides without being controlled by either.

Of course, this sort of question usually causes G to do his Jr Vorlon Scout act. So, I guess we get to just wait and see; unless you actually are willing to shed some light on any of this?

Of COURSE you wernt expecting it!
RCW# 86

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