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"The Sea Hates a Coward"
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Not many people beyond her immediate wingmates, and a few of her former classmates from her time back at the Fusō Imperial Naval Academy on Etajima, know that Shizuka Hattori has a tattoo.

Illustration by Phil Moy, sourced by Doc at Wizard World Chicago this weekend

She got it during a port call in Inchōn, on the Koryō peninsula (which has been a province of the Fusō Empire since the First Neuroi War; it has been a much less messy and generally criminal enterprise than the real-life equivalent), during her freshman-year cruise aboard the training cruiser Katori, before she started aviation school. Despite the fact that she's a bit embarrassed by it, most of the people who've seen it think it's rather nice.

IRL, it's the package illustration from a Korean brand of cigarettes called, I kid you not, THIS PLUS.
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