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Conferences Symphony of the Sword / The Order of the Rose Topic #462
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1. "RE: TFLF Chapter 2"
In response to message #0
   (moved thread to appropriate forum; I know Chapter 2 is a little confusing in that regard, in that Korra appears in it, but TFLF isn't part of the Dìqiú Suite. :)

>-Mugi claims to have planted a tracker in Sawako, and what's the
>reaction? "Well, that's convenient."

In fairness, that was Yui's reaction, and the others were all a bit preoccupied staring out the window.

>Not "What?", "How?", or even "Why?".

Mugi explained what and how, and why was obvious. :)

>If she had been wound up a bit more, I could almost see Mio
>following up with "when did you put one in me and how do you
>get rid of it?!"

That didn't actually occur to her until fairly late that night...

>I could also see an adult Mugi taking over the
>Magnificent 10, just to show them how to properly run a railroad.

Well, I have rather suspected for a while now that the Kotobuki Group is actually some kind of vast extralegal syndicate, and the things like the music store the girls go to and that tea shop they worked at in one episode are just the Legitimate Fronts. In this view, Mugi is sort of the family's Michael Corleone. You can see her in her mid-20s, talking with her mysterious never-seen father about how he always hoped she would be Senator Kotobuki, or Governor Kotobuki, or something...

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