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Subject: "Teaser 5: OOTR13 (5M) Taken by Storm"     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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Conferences Symphony of the Sword / The Order of the Rose Topic #484
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2. "RE: Teaser 5: OOTR13 (5M) Taken by Storm"
In response to message #1
   >Caped trousers are one of the oddest looking things I've seen in a
>long time. It's always seemed that it would be easy to make one
>yourself - make the split seam in your skirt higher, rotate it to the
>front, and wear trousers underneath.

Heh, I had a City of Heroes character who had a costume like that, but that was because of a bug that made the side slit in her miniskirt render in front instead of on her hip. I decided she'd just roll with it and wear tight cargo pants underneath. :)

As for Korra's, the cape part and the pants part are actually two separate garments, and I've never been really clear on what the function of the cape actually is. When I first saw an illustration of her in her original costume, I took the fur-edged bit hanging down around her waist for a jacket or the top half of a jumpsuit, tied on with the sleeves, as certain rakish jumpsuit-wearers in history have been known to do (Chell in the promo art for Portal 2, for instance). There's at least one episode where she takes it off, though, revealing that she is, in fact, just wearing a weirdly-shaped fur blanket around her waist for no readily evident reason, other than it looks kind of cool.

(Then again, all of Korra's clothes are a bit like that. In the second season when she goes to the literal-not-just-political South Pole, she wears an anorak, but it only has three-quarter sleeves and she doesn't wear gloves or a hat. I can only assume that she doesn't freeze to death because Southern Water gals are just that badass. :)

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