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Aug-04-14, 00:43 AM (EST)
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"New Bits"
   LAST EDITED ON Aug-04-14 AT 04:00 PM (EDT)
This was covered on the What's New page too, but what the hell. Following on from this afternoon's successful CSS test, I spent the evening converting and repackaging a bunch of ex-Mini and suchlike HTML material using the new standard. By an odd coincidence, it's all connected to The Legacy of Korra so far, so I took the opportunity to slightly reorganize the TLOK directory and the categories on the index page.

So! There's now a new imprint/category on the Legacy index, Lost Legends, for stories which deal with the days before Legacy proper (i.e., "lost" stories from the period covered by the Legend of Korra canon). Under that heading, you will right now find shiny CSSed versions of the Forum stories As Long as I Live and Test Drive. (I'm not going to type in all the links here, you guys know how to use a web browser. :)

Meanwhile, down in Book 5: Veil, we have a new edition of Bridging the Worlds, the Micro depicting Korra and Asami's first exploration of the Veil separating Dìqiú and Zipang.

And in Book 6: Galaxy, we find Three Views of Dìqiú - a look at Korra and Corwin's early days, originally the "bonus story" from Mini-Omnibus 6; And So They Met, the teaser/alternate scene from Book 6 Chapter 1: An Avatar in New Avalon; and an all-new, revised and reintegrated CSS version of A Fire to be Lighted, Karana and Azana's "origin story" - which now features the originally-separate follow-up A Bride Too Far as Part IV, since they really are all one story.

Soon they will be joined by an updated version of Desolation Angel: Travels with the Phoenix Queen under the Lost Legends imprint; this is mostly done but needs peer review, and as you may have noticed it's the middle of the night, so that will have to wait a bit. :)

More good stuff coming over the next little while, I think, not necessarily having to do directly with my sudden CSS achievement unlock.

Please note that this stuff is still experimental, and as I'm doing it all by hand and my hands aren't what they used to be, there might be the odd screw-up (fat-fingered markup, etc). I've inspected the pieces before posting them, but you know how it is trying to proof your own work. You see what you intended to do sometimes. :)

This is the most pleased I've been about a day in which I haven't actually written a damn thing in quite some time. It's housekeeping that needed to be done, and the new format looks very nice to me. And it's good to have A Fire to be Lighted in its complete/mature form.

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