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Conferences The Legacy of Korra Topic #74
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Aug-04-14, 04:05 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: New Bits"
In response to message #0
   In tandem with the HTML/CSS updates to various bits of Legacy yesterday, I spent much of last night updating the audio versions of the affected pieces to reflect their new labeling. You'll find the new versions behind the speaker icons at the top of each HTML story (I'll update the Legacy index page with similar icons for each in a bit - I'm doing another file upload right now and it's clobbering the bandwidth to the point where editing text remotely is a bit annoying).

Because I tagged And So They Met as Track 1 of An Avatar in New Avalon, the ID3 tags on the AiNA audio files got changed too, but that's the only alteration to those, so if you're not as pathological about curating your MP3 libraries as I sometimes get, you can safely skip re-downloading those.

Also, an improved audio icon.

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