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5. "RE: New Bits"
In response to message #4
   >Much of that time, after getting all the incidental bits (time
>stamps, song cues, etc.) properly marked up, was taken up with tedious
>groveling around for hyphen-delimited (and thus not practically
>searchable) emphasis (which I'm sure I've missed a bunch of in
>the first pass).

I don't know what text editor you work with, but Notepad++ on Windows has usefully robust regex search capabilities. I believe that using a search and replace with the regex option, using the text between the double quotes, would have the desired effect:

Find: "(\s)-(\w+)-(\s)"
Replace with: "\1<i>\2</i>\3"

Doing that on the text for "An Avatar in New Avalon" makes 99 replacements, and searching for <i> doesn't look like it yielded false positives, at least.

"Mathematics brought rigor to economics. Unfortunately, it also brought mortis."
- Kenneth Boulding

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