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Aug-06-14, 12:23 PM (EST)
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8. "RE: New Bits"
In response to message #7
   LAST EDITED ON Aug-06-14 AT 12:24 PM (EDT)
>Hypothetically speaking, if you had a program that took Eyrie-standard
>.txt and converted it to HTML for you in one gulp -- possibly
>requiring spot checks and adjustments afterward if there was any
>unusual formatting, but no line-by-line proofreading -- how much of
>that process would be left?

Hypothetically speaking, probably a lot, because A) there's a lot of formatting in your average UF story that I don't think would lend itself well to automatic styling (flashbacks, asides, what have you) and B) I would almost certainly wind up doing the line-by-line proofreading anyway. Any sort of automation tools would be a help, certainly, but I don't think a completely fire-and-forget solution is feasible.

Honestly, converting the back catalog is simply not on the table. Way better things to do. Right now, I'm in the process of considering whether the creative process can coexist with the style sheet for purposes of making new material. I'm not sure it can, the way I do it - I tend to leave a lot of in-progress notes strewn around the files as I work on them, and having to mark those up just so they won't break the output strikes me as a bit naff - but I'm looking at it.

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