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"Mini-Story Coming Attractions"
   LAST EDITED ON Jan-10-14 AT 00:44 AM (EST) by pjmoyer (moderator)
[Fixed a couple of typos; added "Rerezzed". --G. 20110123]

[Updated "Quarantena" and "One Phone Call" status. Maybe I should make this an anchor thread? --G. 20110222]

[Updated "Holiday" status; followed through on above musing re anchor thread. --G. 20110424]

[Added "DSM Panic!" --PJM 20110627]

[Added † under-construction indicator. --G. 20120217]

For your edification and amusement, and the satisfaction of our entirely non-binding curiosity, here are a few Mini-Stories that may or may not be in the works now, and could very well be coming relatively soon to a discussion forum near you.

"Operation Archangel" (UF/EX) [serial]

in which the survivors of the WDF Normandy go looking for revenge - and find that there are more important things to do.

Done, 2012.11.28.

"Exodus Climber" (UF/EX) [serial]

in which Scott Bernard and his ragtag band of freedom fighters discover the ruins of a lost world and unlock the secret of one of GENOM's oldest weapons.

Done, 2014.01.10.

† "Prodigal" (UF/EX) [serial]

in which the Mars Division's finest deal with the repercussions of one of GENOM's lesser-known, but bigger, messes.

"Sonata No. 1 ('Quarantena') for Three Parts in C minor, Op. S20a" (UF/S2)

in which what was supposed to be a simple social call for Corwin and Utena becomes the diciest day of the Great Summer Road Trip of 2405.

[Originally struck because it had evolved beyond the mini-story concept, this has since been completed as part of Symphony No. 5. --G.]

"The Balance" (UF/FI)

in which Mr. Edward Hyde, Esq., shows Dr. Robert Bruce Banner how to live at peace with, and obtain practical benefits from, the beast within him.

[Done! --G. 2011.10.20]

"Her Majesty's Commission" (UF/NF)

in which Provisional Lieutenant Utena Tenjou is confirmed permanently in her new rank - and placed in command of the worst ship in the Royal Navy.

"No One Left Behind" (UF/FI)

in which a deep-cover Autobot IPO agent requires extraction from the Earth Alliance, and receives it from the highest possible level.

"That Which Does Not Kill Us: Act II" (UF/FI)

in which Kara Zor-El's jitkyundou training reaches a whole new level.

"Separation Anxiety" (UF/FI)

in which Cassandra Cain's parents discover that their daughter's education has proceeded in unexpected directions since they last saw her.

"Chronicles of the Stig: Death Race 10,000" (UF/FI)

in which the Stig and his evil counterpart race across a continent to decide the fate of a beleaguered people.

Professor Enigma: "Weltanschauung" (meta-UF/FI)

being the first episode of Rose Tyler's run on Professor Enigma, presented as a meta-story.

"Kissogram" (UF/GA)

in which Gryphon gets stuck in the middle of nowhere on his birthday, and Kei arranges some company for him.

Forgot to strike this one when it got finished. --G.

"Trainee" (UF/New Albion)

in which the Brigadier gets stuck in the middle of nowhere on his birthday, and DI Pond and Rose Mk 2 go to his rescue.

"The Other Side" (UF/FI)

in which Annalise Fleming discovers that there was more to the 20th-century disappearance of the Ghostbusters than even the incident's one surviving witness believed.

[Done, 2012.11.01. --G.]

"One Phone Call" (UF/FI)

in which Geoff Depew gets into a jam on a job in the Corporate Sector. The Espos don't recognize his authority and will only give him one phone call... so he'd better make it a good one.

[Done! --G.]

"Technical Difficulties" (UF/S5)

in which B'Elanna O'Brien demonstrates to her crewmates that she has what it takes to be a Klingon battle engineer.

"Holiday in the Sun" (UF/FI)

in which something's wrong with the remote star Dholen, and Tali'Shukra vas Venachar runs the risk of entering geth space to find out who's responsible.

[Done! --G.]

"Rerezzed" (UF/FI)

in which part of Don Griffin's collection of antique computer equipment behaves in unexpected ways.

† "DSM Panic!" (UF/S5) [serial]

in which various and sundry accidents and incidents occur during the latter half of DSM's 2409-2410 school year, especially to one Kaname Chidori Sterling.

[Begun! --PJM]

"Line of Duty" (UF/S3)

in which a hero falls.

Done, 2013.01.09.

"Clarkson and Brunel (Deceased)" (UF/EX)

in which that tall man off the car program and the ghost of one of 19th-century Britain's greatest engineers race against time to save a doomed people.

"You've Had Some Cowboys in Here" (UF/NF?)

in which we find out how many Time Lords it takes to change a light bulb.

"Laura Kinney and the Llanfair Regiment" (UF/EX)

in which Laura discovers that the Girl Guides of New Snowdonia are not quite as mundane as she might have expected.

"Old, Unhappy, Far-Off Things" (UF/FI)

in which Gryphon reflects on one of the less expected downsides of immortality.

"... But a Fire to be Lighted" (UF/FI)

in which two young people from widely different backgrounds find meaning in each other at one of Diqiu's most prestigious schools.

Done, 2013.??.??.

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