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Mar-19-19, 03:54 PM (EDT)
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10. "RE: Umm, hi."
In response to message #8
   >Are you me? Because I stopped reading for a while around when Korra
>started being a thing, and I've been transitioning as well, though for
>me it was realizing I'm genderfluid and finally acting on that. I'm
>still going to be Zemyla here, and online in general, though, because
>that feels like a truer name than either my given male name or my
>chosen name for when I'm presenting as a woman.

There were far too many conditions to be satisfied before I could come out to myself. I had to admit I was fallible (everyone should), I had to overcome my fear of becoming unemployed, and my partner and I had to achieve financial stability; leaving me room to stress about other things. But also I had to learn the language that meant I could be not a man whilst also not really being a woman. I was ready to go into the pool; but not to dive in you might say.

Ten years earlier and I'd have to dig into much more obscure places to find words like "non-binary", "genderfluid", and so on. Twenty-five years ago when I could really have done with them I don't think they existed.

I'm sticking with 'Senji' online; people generally seem to react to it without gender preconceptions even though the original is irascably male. Kids of today just didn't read the classics :-D

>But yeah, aside from that, it feels like an eerily similar trajectory.

Well, I think the only reply to that is "congratulations!"

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