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Mar-18-19, 10:08 PM (EDT)
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8. "RE: Umm, hi."
In response to message #4
   >Unabashedly necroing my own old thread; but I'm back.
>(Incidently I think that means there hasn't been an idle-users cleanup
>in years)
>Various crap IRL caused me to drift away around the time that Korra
>was being added to the multiverse (leaving a half finished threadlet
>in which I try and explain that making characters I've never heard of
>like Korra seem like real people is one of the things Gryphon is
>really good at; not that I've watched any Avatar since then).
>Anyway, towards the end of this period of "various crap" is the thing
>I thought it was worth reopening this thread for - I've started gender
>transition and changed my name (does anyone ever look at the names in
>profiles anyway?) so I'm now Natalie (pronouns she/her or they/them).
>(I actually identify as non-binary but that's another whole confusion
>of fish).
>If anyone has questions I'd be happy to answer them, but there's
>probably a better place than the introductions forum...

Are you me? Because I stopped reading for a while around when Korra started being a thing, and I've been transitioning as well, though for me it was realizing I'm genderfluid and finally acting on that. I'm still going to be Zemyla here, and online in general, though, because that feels like a truer name than either my given male name or my chosen name for when I'm presenting as a woman.

But yeah, aside from that, it feels like an eerily similar trajectory.

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