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Apr-14-13, 11:41 PM (EDT)
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16. "RE: (ANNC) UF/FI: Shepard's 11"
In response to message #15
   >I'm just wish I could go back in time and give the me of last week a
>copy of the audio before I had to take a four hour plane ride.

Speaking of the audio, I've just discovered that something went pretty badly wrong with the rec level. Examination of settings indicates that the mic level somehow got turned all the way up. (Probably the mic got plugged into a different USB port when the system was taken down for repairs a bit back; USB is slightly stupid and doesn't realize that the new device that just appeared on port 3 which is exactly the same as the one that used to be on port 2 is in fact the same thing and should have the same settings applied.)

Anyway, it's caused some pretty hideous noise, compounded by a mistake I made doing the mp3 encoding. I could fix the latter but not the former, which is present in the original raw wav files, which means I'll have to re-record sometime this week. What I get for not listening back before upping, I suppose.

you can tell I haven't done this in a while
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