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Dec-15-16, 06:44 PM (EDT)
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1. "RE: Hellbringer plays drums, but..."
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[Sorry to butt in, I just can't hack the width of that image any more. :) --G.]

Well, Mike plays a weird device that's... you know a double-neck guitar? Well, like that, except the lower neck is a keytar, called the Dazzling Double V - you can see it in this image:

And Lain is a pretty good keyboardist, although she's more the DJ/mixer type on the sound board. Penny's not quite up to instruments, and if Saya plays anything, she hasn't mentioned it to anyone yet. Makoto wasn't on the track for assassination, so she learned the violin (Lord Alberto insists that they learn to play it to be properly cultured, as the face of the next generation of galactic rule.)

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