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Conferences Warriors of the Outer Rim Topic #26
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11. "RE: A scene from Fulcrum IV"
In response to message #9
   >Hydragyrum? I don't think we've seen that ship on screen before... or
>have we?

Indeed, she's one of the Naboo royal court's three official starships:

HMS Quicksilver - Queen Amidala's official state transport, seen in Fulcrum II as the vessel that brings her to Alderaan for her conference with the Jedi Council. Big, imposing, comfortable; includes all the facilities a traveling monarch's duties and dignity require.

HMS Mercury - faster than the Quicksilver but more austerely appointed, the Mercury is primarily used as a diplomatic courier. Amidala orders the Mercury readied to take Count Dooku back to Alderaan in Fulcrum III.

HMS Hydrargyrum - the smallest of the three, Hydrargyrum was the previous monarch's personal transport (he had a starship master's certificate of his own; Padmé does not), but was largely unused by the current administration until Queen Amidala essentially made a gift of her to Len in Fulcrum I. (Officially, she's been designated for the use of the Naboo Jedi Temple.)

As noted in the annotations, all three of these vessels bear traditional names for element 80 (the last of which is the reason why it has the symbol Hg on the periodic table), in reference to their distinctive reflec coating.

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