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Conferences Warriors of the Outer Rim Topic #26
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Sep-28-08, 01:17 AM (EDT)
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3. "RE: A scene from Fulcrum IV"
In response to message #1
   >I do wonder, though, what it is and who it is that Len and Emmy are
>searching for on this Grushka place,

They're looking for Jedi Master Wald Corto, who is missing and was last seen on Grushka. We saw them get that assignment from the Council at the end of Fulcrum III.

>and exactly what it and/or he has to do with Darth Vader

Directly? Probably nothing. Master Corto is unlikely to know that Lord Vader isn't dead; the circle of people who know that (and understand its significance) is still quite small.

>I also wonder if the Grushkan are
>in fact possibly an offshoot of the Race. (No telling, after all, how
>far afield a conquest fleet might have wandered if the navigation was
>off kilter.)

A detailed xenobiological study has not been made, but it's quite conceivable that they descend from a long-ago colony who lost, through war, natural disaster, or simply the passage of time, the knowledge that they weren't indigenous to the planet. That kind of thing happens all the time. One of the most famous examples in the wider UF universe is Romulus. Heck, some scientists maintain that all the apparently parallel human species in the galaxy are lost colonies, Earth's included. This is, as you might imagine, quite a controversial topic.

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