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Conferences Warriors of the Outer Rim Topic #28
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Nov-19-08, 12:33 PM (EDT)
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7. "RE: F4: Typical Grushkans"
In response to message #5
   >Greatly enjoyed the piece!
>>You know, I was trying to place exactly where I had seen the whole
>>'trip into the Jungle' bit somewhere else before. Not to diminish it
>>or anything, I couldn't help but figure that this was on some level a
>I've seen 'treks into the jungle to visit ancient Sith temples' in a
>couple different games, Jedi Academy and KotOR 2 both. I'm pretty sure
>both were inspired by one or more of the EU books. Not sure what, if
>any, influenced the fic though. =)

I think Berk meant that on some level the whole jungle scene with Master Corto
was a tribute to Apocalypse Now :D

I'd like to say, I always had the sneaking suspicion that Vader's role in the whole story was to find Rei, convince her to join the dark side, then disappear
to train her until Blades. Its really reaaally nice to find out I was wrong. I'm really enjoying reading about Vader and Rei's development into master and apprentice :)

Also, even though Dooku is currently one of the good guy's... does anyone else get the feeling that he's going to get warped (or is already warped) by the temple on Naboo?
"Walls are meant to be broken." - makes sense both figuratively and literally.

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