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Mar-20-17, 04:31 PM (EST)
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6. "RE: random photo"
In response to message #5
   LAST EDITED ON Mar-20-17 AT 04:33 PM (EDT)
>> and our repeated questions from randos
>>are on different subjects.
>Might I be so bold as to ask what those subjects might be?

Moose and lobsters, primarily. And whether Stephen King is at home. (And why we elected the Danny DeVito version of the Penguin as governor. Twice.)

Brush-with-celebrity story: King lives in Bangor, which has been the nearest place to get basically anything for most of my life. I've run across him in the wild a couple of times, once in line for popcorn at a movie theater when I was a kid, and once just a few years ago at what was then the Borders bookstore in town. On the latter occasion, I was going in as he was coming out, and we passed each other in the airlock. He had set off the inventory control alarm on his way out, and as he went by me he was audibly muttering (presumably to it, not me), "Yeah, screw you." :)

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