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Conferences Symphony of the Sword / The Order of the Rose Topic #355
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Jul-19-13, 02:31 AM (EST)
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"FYI S5M4"
   I just got to the end of the first draft and put the preliminary credits on. Tomorrow (that is, later today... Friday, anyway), finish carpentry, possibly one more scene to add, the always painstaking process of assembling the cast list, and so forth. Probably out Friday night or Saturday morning. Worst case, if it's not quite ready before I have to go out of town for $reasons, late Sunday or midday Monday. Then on to S5M5, which follows directly (and I mean directly) on the last scene in M4.

(Still no S11 Act 04 because S5 is locked in priority interrupt mode. One hopes you will excuse him for not fighting that too hard. :)

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