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7. "RE: OWaW 21/Our Fighting Fleet"
In response to message #0
   I was late to the OWaW party, but I've read it several times now. After the first time, however, I always read "Our Fighting Fleet" after "Back at the Ranch," because it seemed to flow better that way.

I'm very happy to hear that OWaW will continue and hopefully soon. I've become quite fascinated with the world, even if the anime is a little cringe-worthy at times ("Nice and Breezy" and "It's All Creepy-Crawly," I'm looking at you.)

Some wires in my brain must have gotten crossed from this, because I keep thinking of running an RPG session where the Strike Witches go up against the Fleet of Fog. Maybe I just want Kirishima/Yotaro to meet Lucchini.

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