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May-20-08, 08:23 PM (EST)
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7. "RE: Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin"
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I refuse to believe that. Unix has been around forty, almosy fifty, years, and it's only gotten better because people add new stuff to it, which means its codebase (which includes the applications than run on it) is likely more of a sprawling mess than comic books'. The difference is Unix hackers know when to use libraries, when to ignore libraries, and when to completely rewrite libraries.

Hypervelocity, Marvel Adventures Iron Man, and (according to Gryphon's review) Enter the Mandarin all exist by using the benefits of continuity (established characters, stories, etc.) but judiciously avoid slaving themselves to every minute detail of what worked in the past. There's no reason Marvel couldn't just forget Civil War ever happened and start telling new stories, they just won't because they've forgotten how to do it.

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