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Conferences Symphony of the Sword / The Order of the Rose Topic #469
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Nov-09-14, 06:21 PM (EDT)
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9. "RE: TFLF: CH8"
In response to message #7
   >I just realized that if Azusa is absolutely determined not to be left
>behind when the rest of Hokago Tea Time graduates, it can happen.
>Of course, this does depend on her being able to hire Professor Kaoru
>for a tutor.

Well, that's conceivable, I mean, he charges very reasonable rates, and we know from the canon that Azusa is decent at cake. At least if she has Ui helping. :)

She would have to be "absolutely determined", too, because she'd essentially have half a school year to ram a year and a half's worth of the curriculum into. She'd have to sign some kind of medical waiver before the school district would even let her attempt it. :)

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