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Conferences Symphony of the Sword / The Order of the Rose Topic #496
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15. "RE: an aside"
In response to message #13
   >I noticed. Will we find out what happened to her between the end of
>Taken By Storm and her appearance here?

Oh yes. I'm not certain yet whether it will be part of Movement 6, or dealt with separately as an entr'acte, but yes, that will be dealt with.

>Come to think of it, do we know how the loss of her ship might affect
>her? I don't think it came up in the Annotations thread.

Well, in the TV series, several Mental Models survived the sinking of their ship parts without any evident ill effects, other than being put out that they'd lost most of their firepower. ... Well, and Hyūga seems to have gone insane, but I think she might've been anyway. :)

The Union Core (the important-looking nexus-y bit that Corwin noticed inside Iona) is the only critical piece. Highlight the rest of this paragraph to see some spoilers. Heck, Kirishima survived both the sinking of her ship and the destruction of her Mental Model's body. The only reasons she has to spend most of the series as an animated teddy bear are a) for psy-ops purposes and b) because the writers thought it would be funnier. There's also evidence that Hyū existed as a disembodied Union Core for some time between her sinking and the point at which she decided to construct a Mental Model, and Takao replaced her Mental Model after donating it, along with all the rest of her nanomaterial, to rebuild I-401 toward the end of the series.

So apart from possibly being traumatized by the way in which it was done - Corwin really didn't intend to be quite that rough, but he was a bit agitated - Iona shouldn't experience any lasting aftereffects from the sinking of I-401, apart from the obvious inconvenient of not having it any more. (Actually playing around with a bit that addresses that part this evening, a little.)

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