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1. "RE: Cantata, cont'd"
In response to message #0
   >Some specific examples would probably help me address this, but in
>general, it's worth keeping in mind that the ships of the Midway Fleet
>are not particularly in conflict with humanity at that point.
>They don't have any orders, and without orders, until they manifested
>their Mental Models (which in most cases just happened the
>first time we meet them), they didn't have any opinions either.
>Having just that minute developed the capability to have
>opinions, and in the absence of orders, they have to figure out where
>they stand on everything that confronts them for themselves. That's a
>tall order at the best of times.

the first that comes to mind is - "Feel free to rely on us!" Ikazuchi added with a wink. - which is cute and all but fairly out of place in a first meeting with a complete stranger who may/may not be exactly friendly. none of the Fog characters, Iona not withstanding, have any reason to say such things to someone they just met. especially when, prior to the shutdown they were out doing routine 'war related activities' ala Tenryu and the destroyers on patrol out of Rabaul.

another, though at that point less of an issue under the circumstances is Oyodo's "Light cruiser Ōyodo. Please leave the fleet administration and supervision to me."

Tenryu's - "The name's Tenryū," she said; then, with a decorative flourish, she leveled the point of her sword at his throat and asked with a low chuckle, "Ya scared?" - seemed the most Fog-ish response though i cant say anything about her Kancolle persona, having made no appearancein the anime and not having played the game.

in the game context these kinds of statements are expected, the latter example

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