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Mar-07-10, 04:33 PM (EDT)
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7. "RE: Going Rogue"
In response to message #6
   >>Of course, then there would be two heroic Jens, but what the hell, I
>>mean, there was a DC Comics character back in the '80s who was
>>something like two heroes and three villains at the same time.
>:blink, blink: Um, there was? Who?

Mark Shaw, the 1980s Manhunter. And the Privateer. And the Star-Tsar. And Dumas. He was a hero, villain, and otherwise under the first name, a hero under the second, a villain under the third, and another villain under the fourth (but later they retconned that last part into an undercover operation).

Compared to him, Jen Rossum's life story is simplicity itself. :)

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