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"Movies of the '90s"
   >>Can people remember a movie from the 1990s that they don't wish
>>they could forget?
>From memory, and reading a list of "top 200 movies of the 1990's" I
>came up with a grand total of 9 movies from the 90's that I really
>enjoyed and don't wish to forget. For an entire decade, that's not
>very promising.
>Star Trek VI
>Galaxy Quest
>Forrest Gump
>Reservoir Dogs
>Falling Down
>The Truman Show
>Wag the Dog
>The Matrix

OK, I'll hold my hand up and admit I forgot about Galaxy Quest, and for some reason kept thinking Star Trek VI came out two years before it did (which is nonsense, because I went to it while I was at WPI) and The Matrix two years after. I haven't seen most of the others (although, having seen a Quentin Tarantino movie, I believe I can with some justification claim to have seen all Quentin Tarantino movies :).

I also have to admit I liked two of the three Bond films of that decade (GoldenEye, 1995, and Tomorrow Never Dies, 1997), but with the caveat that I'm not at all sure I would enjoy them if I saw them now. Probably the latter, at least in spots, because it has Desmond Llewelyn's next-to-last turn as Q and a hilarious performance by the late, lamented Vincent Schiavelli as Dr. Kaufman, a minor character who made such an impression that I actually remember his name all this time later.

Also: Down Periscope (1996) and the original Men in Black (1997), both featuring the great Rip Torn, but not RoboCop 3 (1993)*, also featuring the great Rip Torn. :)

So, OK, I may have judged the decade too harshly for the sake of a low-hanging punch line. On the other hand, even most of the films I remember liking from that period, I'm not even claiming are actually good, I just like them. :)

* Although RoboCop 3 does contain the funniest throw-away gag in the whole franchise - "What's it like being a rocket scientist?" - that is so, so far from enough to save it. :)
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