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1. "RE: GotW 40: M1903A3 Springfield"
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A rather minor, but still, point: In the late 1800s, there WAS no Norway, as such. The cracks were starting to be VERY notable, but at that time, Norway was under at least supposed Swedish control, run, nominally, from Stockholm. It wouldn't last very much longer, though.
And the Norwegian Krag was chambered for the Swedish 6.5x55, rather than US-used .30-40 Krag, which might've been a reason for the rifle coming into service later IN Norway.

I live literally 10 minutes bicycle ride from where the separation of the nations was signed, things you absolutely cannot avoid knowing, as it were.

Oh, and vis-a-vis that last? You're absolutely right. Can't think of any better way. Well, which doesn't involve whipped cream and Charlize Theron, or some similar, but that's rather less likely to happen, I would venture...

Stoke Mandeville, Esq & The Victorian Ballsmiths
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