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Jan-09-20, 03:29 PM (EDT)
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2. "RE: glancing back (and forward)"
In response to message #1
   As far as Mike Pondsmith feels about 2020:

You may have noticed the cars don’t fly yet. But we have tiny boxes that can reach out across the world and cause robotic slaves to do our bidding. We shape metals and plastics to our personal wills, and yes indeed, we make real cyberwar we can put on our children.

So it looks like I got that part right.

But we also have inherited other 2020 things. We have more guns and weapons than we know what we do, and people are shot down every day. There isn’t enough money, not enough food, never enough drugs (except for the corporate approved ones). Our world is running on the edge of self destruction from so many sources it’s an extinction roulette. And the Megacorps do rule almost everything, from the stuff we buy on the vast consensual hallucination we call the Internet, to the entertainment we wallow like a brain dance on stems, to our actual identities and scraps of personal privacy.

So it looks like I got THAT stuff right too.

— Mike Pondsmith

The original.

Geoff Depew - Darth Mephron
Haberdasher to Androids, Dark Lord of Sith Tech Support.
"And Remember! Google is your Friend!!"

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