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Conferences The Legacy of Korra Topic #86
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Sep-30-14, 01:41 PM (EDT)
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3. "RE: CTCS Status Update"
In response to message #1
   >Argh. I have been waiting literally years for an open call for EPU

I can't quite tell if this means "Argh, I can't do it" or "Argh, my life just got even more complicated." Sorry to pile on, either way.

By a couple of weird coincidences, my grandparents went into an old folks' home this past summer. Here's the weird coincidence part: I was just finally able to visit them there last week, and after staggering along for years under increasingly improbable management, Dad's employers of 40 years finally went under (again, and likely for the last time) that same day. So I'm kind of on the next boat over on those points (at a slightly greater remove). And I'm on the hook for a bunch of art projects and a 25-page research paper, not a book. But I think the overall OMG OMG ALL THESE PLATES THEY MUST BE KEPT SPINNING tone is probably similar, if that helps in any way.

No new car, though. Alas.

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