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4. "RE: A Scene from Storytime"
In response to message #2
   >>I think Asami looks very slightly put out - is she annoyed about the
>>photo shoot delaying them from getting to work, or anticipating the
>>argument to come, or am I reading too much into her expression?
>It's a combination of a few things, really. Partly it's her natural
>reaction to a) Tenzin bitching and b) Korra trolling him, but mostly,
>I think she's mentally tallying how many people she's probably going
>to have to punch by the time the thing is all over and done with,
>given the profound sociopolitical implications of the Veil and how
>(she knows from long experience by that point) certain bits of the
>world are likely to react. :)
>Or possibly she's just reflecting ruefully on just what an awfully
>great lot of work it's going to be, in general. Keep in mind that
>this picture was taken during the run-up to the Phoenix Flight. Asami
>had been looking forward to taking a bit of a break once that was over
>with, and in the moment captured here, she's just starting to realize
>that what's actually on the far side of it is an even bigger project.
>It's enough to get the most intrepid inventor-industrialist down a
>little, at least for a second or so. We know from Bridging the
that she recovered quick enough. :)

I'd forgotten where in the timeline this was. I can definitely see your point: with all that is already on her plate, regardless of anything to do with Korra/Tenzin and an impending argument with Fire Sages, the portal alone is quite enough to make her concerned.

>>And is she in a uniform, or is that just her "gentlewoman adventurer"
>That's just her workin' clothes. I guess it could be viewed as a
>uniform of sorts, since the jacket is from the old Future
>Industries aviation department livery, but it's long out of date by
>this point. She just wears it because it's sturdy, comfortable, and
>consistent with her self-image.
>Side note: I was actually against her being depicted with her hair
>tied back at first, because I am Not A Fan of the season-4 redesigns
>(though hers is less woeful than Korra's), but during the development
>process I had it put to me that a woman as practical as Asami would
>naturally do that when climbing around in a cave, my aesthetic
>preferences be damned. :)

That also makes much sense. Thanks for the explanations.

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