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Sep-02-13, 05:51 PM (EDT)
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"School starts tomorrow..."
   LAST EDITED ON Sep-02-13 AT 05:52 PM (EDT)
... so I thought it would be fun to assign the class some homework. It's purely voluntary, and there won't be any grades given.

Basically, if you want to help me out a little bit with the audiobook for What's Past Is Prologue, here's what you need to do: Record a 44100-samples-per-second mono audio file (PCM .wav or 128-kpbs MP3) of yourself or someone you know saying this. It doesn't matter whether you're a man, woman, or presently undecided, or if your voice is high or low, or if you have an accent. In fact, the greater the variation (without overselling it - there's no need to do any actual acting, just try to say it more or less like I said it), the better.

Once you've doen that, put the file someplace where it can be grabbed with http or ftp, then post here (or PM me if you're shy) letting me know where to get it.

In other audio news, we've run out disk space thanks to the recent "concurrent audio" trend and the all-of-S1-and-most-of-S2 projects. Deej is on that, but in the meantime I've had to take some of the older audio down temporarily in order to make room for S5M5, and hopefully make a hole big enough for Droit and S5M6 when they're finished. So if you're looking for the audio versions of Transformers: Cybertron Reloaded 5 and 6, or Last Transport, that's why you can't find them. You didn't imagine them, they really were there, and they'll be back one of these days, but for right now they're gone.

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