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Nov-09-06, 07:20 PM (EST)
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"Fulcrum of Fate impressions"

I mean, wow, this is GOOD. Symphony-level good. I'm going to go with a list format for the rest, because I'm not up to constructing complete paragraphs at this point.

Some of these are critical rather than congratulatory, by the way, but overall my impression remains: Whoa.

* Len: holy carp, he grew up! I mean, sure, he was one of the central characters in the early WotOR stories, but, um... well, he came across as a whiny goob. Emmy was much more interesting. Hell, *Panaka* was more interesting. I guess taking a lightsaber to the chest changes a man a bit. I really, REALLY liked the Nar Shaddaa bit. Len just seems *right* somehow as the investigator type.

* Emmy's brother: *big cheesy grin* Arr, Emmy!

* Obi-wan: perfect. As I read his scenes, I can *see* Ewan in these scenes, and it is *perfect*. If I ever had the money (and an Anti-Copyright Magic Wand), I'd fund this as a movie, just to see him deliver those lines for real.

* Vader: where oh where to begin? First of all, he was the bad-assest badass there ever was... then you took him, added a dash of EPU magic, and now he's STILL the bad-assest mofo around, but ALSO a decent person? Dude, seriously, major kudos. George did a decent moral U-turn scene in Return of the Jedi, but that's never felt right for Vader; you just took George out back and showed him the RIGHT way to have handled it. This is SOOO much better, I can't even begin to describe it.

* The Guide: Ok, I can appreciate wanting to toss one back at good ol' Doug, but really, I *so* liked the idea of every dimensional-displacee, out-of-time-time-traveler, lost wandering soul type being handed a copy of a Derek Bacon "So You've Just ..." bestseller to get them keyed in on the current happenings.

* Rei & Vader: we've already seen a bit o' the future in Blades, but I'm really looking forward to the 'formal introduction', as it were. Not much to say beyond that, but yeah.

* Yoda: keee-riist! I admit: I was a cheering fan-boy during the fight scene with Dooku in the movie. But somehow that CGI work doesn't compare with text. Nicely done. I've seen Eyrie come a long way, but I have to say, I think the second-largest improvement in a particular area would have to be the way y'all handle a fight scene. (The first would be characterization, heh :)

* Harry Potter & Co.: um. Not really sure how I feel about these. I mean, you're using them well, but I'm not really into the Harry Potter bits. I'd probably like it more if I *didn't* know the source material, but as it is, I feel like EPU is stooping a bit by using these characters. Honest, y'all are better than THAT. :)

* Spider-jedi: *falls over laughing* Hee! I must say, a scene popped unbidden into my mind, involving Master Parker using his webbing and a couple of new apprentices going all wide-eyed and asking, "Whoa! When do we learn THAT?". This is as out of place as anything in EPUs work, and yet, it works.

* Kei & The It's Too Far Away! Problem: honestly, I think you're gonna have to come up with some way of explaining this. Well, no, you don't, I suppose - you're the authors and all, you don't have to explain jack if you don't want to - but I'm Just Not Getting the Problem, here. Look at it this way: the modern era has fold drive, hyperdrive, warpdrive, metaspace, Asgardian teleportation (cf. Urd, Skuld, Corwin, etc), magic (cf. Raven, Asgardians again), and Odin only knows what other forms of transportation lying around. Seems rather unlikely, to me, that (a) nobody's ever been to another galaxy and back, and (b) that the Experts, now that they know at the very least that Kei's not in THIS galaxy, aren't out there in full force scouting the nearest galaxies. Maybe they are, but the vibe coming across is that "it's too far away". According to (very hasty) googling, the nearest galaxies are the Magellanic clouds, followed by the Andromeda galaxy, at ~250000 ly and 2,000,000 ly respectively. The first is only ("only", hah!) about twice the diameter of the Milky Way, which has already been crossed multiple times in-story, as it were. (Unless I'm misconstruing something and the Outer Rim territories are not at the, um, outer rim of the Milky Way).

Ok, so, hard facts have no place in a story - this is Space Opera, dammit! - and I agree, to a point. But it's hard to believe that they can't hop in the saddle and hit the road just because of a piddly thing like distance. Anyway...

* Obi-Wan and the Jyurian Customs Official: hrm. Jyurai has come across as such a mind-bogglingly powerful group of psychics that I have a real hard time believing the Jedi mind-trick schtick would work here. Maybe it would - maybe the Customs Official post on Jyurai is reserved for the mentally deficient among their population - but given the mind-power displayed by them in other scenes throughout EPU history, I'm puzzled. I *suppose* Obi-wan might have picked up a few tricks while he was One With The Force, but it still seems... I dunno, forced.

* I damn near peed myself because I couldn't stop reading until I was done. If that doesn't indicate it's good, I dunno what does. I leave *movies* to pee. I have a laptop; I could've taken this with me. But NOOOO, I *had* to finish it first.

Gryphon & Co.: if you're ever in my neck of the woods, look me up. Dinner's on me.


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