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ARCHIVED ENTRY: This Guide entry is archived from a previous edition for historical purposes. The information presented in it may no longer be accurate.
original entry date 5.22.2405

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The GENOM LAWN (it's always in all upper case) is one of those places that make no sense. It's a perfectly square, perfectly flat two-acre lawn in the middle of Nekomikoka. There's no trees, no bushes, no walkways, it's just a big honking lawn. There's one little shed in one corner which contains a self-driving lawn mower that mows it once a week, and that's literally the only feature.

The reasons it exists is, basically, tax purposes. See, in 2340, GENOM was building a big HQ on that spot. And then for no reason anyone knows of, one night, it collapsed, just thump down in itself, whole building ended up in the basement. There's a story there was a fight on that spot right afterwards, but no one can confirm that (sadly).

After that night, for whatever reason, until Largo got the final shutdown (doo-doo-dooot dooot), GENOM pulled out of Tomodachi entirely. For some reason, though, they never sold the building site. Never did anything, it was like they forgot they owned it. Until they got the next tax bill... along with the eyesore penalties. Someone got the message and the place got covered over and landscaped about as minimally as you can get. Someone called it GENOM LAWN, and that's what it's called.

It's an okay place to crash if you need it, a good place to hang out on a sunny day, the cops are cool, and you can even put up a tent for a few days - but if you're there too long, someone will ask you move along. It'll probably be Larry, the lawnmower, who's pretty chill about that kind of thing. He just likes the lawn to look good.

This Guide entry was written by Rick "RoundUp" Morrelli, a professional traveller.

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