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Aug-24-22, 00:16 AM (EDT)
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"minor repairs"
   At some point in GG1, I miscalculated Remilia and Flandre's years of birth, so every mention of their ages (and Remilia's statement of her birthdate in GG2/II) was off by one. They were born in 1502 and 1507, respectively, not 1503 and 1508. As of the current point in the storyline (July 1946), Remilia is 443 (soon to turn 444), and Flan is 438 (she'll turn 439 on October 31).

This doesn't really affect much, but it annoyed me when I realized I'd done it. I think I've fixed all the various misstatements of ages and dates that have resulted, but I may have missed one or two (if I did, they're probably points in conversations where Flan protests about her age).

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