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Subject: "New (old) game: Zone of the Enders HD Collection"     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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Terminus Est
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Nov-02-15, 11:51 PM (EST)
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"New (old) game: Zone of the Enders HD Collection"
   LAST EDITED ON Nov-03-15 AT 00:00 AM (EST)
Picked this up today on the cheap for the PS3. Not sure when I'll get to play, but is there anything I should look out for?

ETA: Video review seems to indicate the first game is... basically not worth the effort to finish but worth playing, but the second one is good all the way through except for some framerate issues. I'll give 'em both a go when I can (basically when I have access to both my PS3 and a functioning TV) and see where my opinion falls.

As an aside, I like the mech designs in these games, and can clearly see where other games have borrowed from them (looking directly at Xenosaga's ES mechs here, for one example).

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