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Kendra Kirai
Member since May-22-16
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Jun-16-17, 08:51 AM (EST)
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"E3! General yammering"
   So who here paid any attention to E3 this year! Probably at least a couple of you! Anything you're looking forward to playing? Anything you wish you had the console for? Any gripes about what they should have done! Anything?

For me, my friend and I were pretty hyped for Bethesda's event, and, terrible stream aside, we werent much disappointed! (we were apparently in the minority in this)

Wolfenstein 2 made her want to play the others, so I got her them, and filled out what I was missing for myself, thanks to the Steam sale.

Neither of us have VR stuff, so the Doom and Fallout 4 wasn't PERSONALLY of interest to us, but it sure looks nice! The new Dishonored looked interesting, even if it was all Cutscene. Neither of us play ESO or ESLegends so those were the only real duds for us.

Evil Within 2 looks interesting, at least, even though neither of us have played it or really have any desire to.

The Creators Club we're all for, because official mods done by trusted fans? Can you imagine the Elswyr mod done with proper backing? It's a whole frigging expansion as it is!

After that we were interested in Nintendo's, which had some pretty neat stuff on offer. Kirby, Yoshi, announcement that they're working on Metroid Prime 4, Ultra Sun and Moon, and news that they're doing a full proper Pokemon on Switch? I have only one hope for this; that it finally gives us ALL regions in a single game. All regions, all Pokemon. That's my desire for this game. It's always our desire but on console it's *possible*!

And then AFTER the direct we learned about Nintendo's own METROID 2 REMAKE AAAAAA

....so, anyone else?

(Oh, and from Sony, Spiderman Arkham York City, *YES*! Also the incredibly adorable Moss!)
(and from Microsoft an out of the blue new Dragonball Z game! Eeee~!)

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