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Subject: "Interesting object" Archived thread - Read only
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Mar-02-15, 07:33 PM (EDT)
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"Interesting object"
   This seems like it might find a home, mental or otherwise, around here:

"Though I have to wonder if her overalls might catch fire..."

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Mar-13-15, 12:42 PM (EDT)
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1. "RE: Interesting object"
In response to message #0
   Speaking of things from Thinkgeek, or otherwhere presumably:

Excited Declaration. We have figures from Mass Effect that are really great.

Serious Statement. These figures recreate the key players from Mass Effect in super-deformed version.

Morose Rumination. Unless, of course, you played FemShep, in which case you'll find this version extra-super-deformed since it's male.

Earnest Apology. We're sorry about that.

Serious Statement. You can choose from figures of Garrus, Grunt, Miranda, Shepard, or Tali.

Sincere Endorsement. We're sure you'll love them as much as we do.

Extreme Annoyance. There is no Mordin.

Gott's Leetle Feesh in Trousers!

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