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Oct-17-16, 01:14 AM (EDT)
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"Strike Witches Movie!!!"
   So my copy of Strike Witches: The Movie arrived and I got to watch it last night. My impressions:

Land Neuroi are easily as creepy as I thought they'd be.

It's surprisingly pleasing to see Tigers and Shermans fighting together. Shame all they manage to do is get their butts kicked.

Hattori's such a fangirl. And such a sergeant. And while it shows Mio had a hand in training her, I bet she never made Mio laugh.

Schnaufer is hottie +10. I think it's the glasses.

Yoshika never changes. But if she gets to reboot her magic just because she needs it, why doesn't that work for Mio? But hey, Gryphon fixed that. :-)

They actually mellowed out on the Panty Shots per Minute ratio. I consider this an improvement.

Underground Neuroi are bad news on a whole new level. If the Neuroi are go literally underground, Europe will never really be secure.

Oh Wow, Sanya's awake during daylight!

Poor Nippa, that looked like it hurt...

That underground mothership was *HUGE*! But it learned that raw numbers are no match for legendary skill!

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