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Mar-16-12, 09:18 PM (EDT)
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You can call me WiseMan or anything similar if you'd like. I like anime, video games, cartoons, etc. My current favorite game is Radiant Silvergun and anime is Puella Magi Madoka Magica. There are other games I like a lot such as the Touhou Project and a similar series called eXceed.

I also like fanfic and have been making a cross-media project almost as big as UF, but in the form of games rather than stories. That's part of how I got to learn about Undocumented Features. Just one day, looked to see if there was some massive crossover projects in the past and it told me UF was the biggest. Hope I still can get along with everyone here though.

Currently working my way through Core and get through through to Future Imperfect/New Frontier as soon as I can. Who knows, maybe it'll get me new ideas for my game projects. Until then, just want to say for now.

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