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Jan-24-14, 09:08 PM (EDT)
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"Music Cues in UF"
   In the new Knights 3 annotation thread, Gryphon wrote:

>Various bits of the From the Earth to the Moon music - the
>opening and ending themes, and a piece from Mason Daring's score to
>the fifth episode, "Spider" - are still my go-to tracks for Corwin and
>Utena's relationship: the first when they're being heroic together,
>the second in cheerful moments, the third on the occasions when the
>romance comes to the fore.

The official soundtrack for that miniseries was such a disappointment IMO - the opening and closing themes, filled out vintage popular music. No instrumental music at all. I had to hunt all over to find bits and pieces of the soundtrack, especially for the episode "Spider," which was my co-favorite (the other being episode 10, "Galileo Was Right," also scored by Mason Daring). I liked the humor in "Spider," especially all the riffs on the movie "The Great Escape".

I'm curious what piece from "Spider" is your romance go-to for Corwin and Utena. Do you know the title, or can you describe where it's played? (you gave time codes, but I'm asking about what's happening on-screen) I'm guessing it's when they're in orbit, when the one astronaut has to go inside during the spacewalk, leaving the other with nothing to do but hang out and watch the Earth go by.


Jeanne Hedge
"Never give up, never surrender!"

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