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Conferences Symphony of the Sword / The Order of the Rose Topic #370
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Aug-19-13, 08:58 AM (EST)
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5. "RE: (frag) S5M6 TbS2"
In response to message #0
>        "One of these days," Corwin mused thoughtfully, "I fully expect 
>to be notified that Toph has singlehandedly subjugated the dvergar of
>Deeper Svartalfheim and is now their dark and terrible queen. Lounging
>insolently upon a throne of obsidian and gold while terrified goblins
>peel grapes for her one at a time."
> "Given some stories I've heard about what she got up to back in
>the day... I wouldn't be surprised," Korra admitted.

In an oddly a propos case of synchronicity, an Avatar crossover fic currently being released on the Pit of Voles has a very similar passage.

From Sokka's private thoughts:

And besides, we're talking Zuko and Toph. Two of the most badass benders 
out there, and Zuko never goes anywhere without his swords. And…
Toph. I
mean – taking her out? You'd need… gah, I dunno, an entire army of flying
mutant ninja were-lemurs!

…Except that flying mutant ninja were-lemurs would probably still get their
butts kicked, and then they'd take Toph to their secret ninja lair and make
her their queen, and he should probably stop there, because the world wasn't
ready for Toph, Tyrant Queen of Flying Mutant Ninja Were-Lemurs.

(from The Dragon King's Temple, by Kryal)

-- Bob
My race is pacifist and does not believe in war. We kill only out of personal spite.

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