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Aug-05-14, 11:56 PM (EDT)
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15. "RE: Goodbye and Hello - Director's Cut"
In response to message #14
   LAST EDITED ON Aug-05-14 AT 11:58 PM (EDT)
I've finished reading the Director's Cut of Goodbye and Hello, As Always, and I liked the changes. I liked having a continuous flow to (this part of) the story. No more going to a different story for the end of a scene (such as when Korra's photo album was brought to her, but you had to read Avatar Storytime to see the rest of the scene, while the main story went onto other things). Less necessary (IMO) but nice to see was having things referred to but not seen moved to this story as well (such as Fire Hazards). I thought it had more of a feel of Things Happening than some of the individual parts did as stand-alones. I thought the merge points were handled very cleanly, and it overall came together and flowed nicely. Well done sir!

I noticed that the What's New page is now tracking the various story moves in The Legacy of Korra rearrangement. Will you be doing something similar for Symphony when you get things a bit more set? I saw in another thread that you'd moved parts of stories to other stories back near the end of S4 / beginning of S5.

eta -
Dear Moderator, would you please move messages #14 and #15 (this message, and the one I was replying to, both by me) to a newly created thread using #14's subject? That was my original intent, but I screwed it up.


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