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Nova Floresca
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Oct-03-14, 04:30 AM (EST)
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"TFLF Chapter 2"
   Wait, when did it become Friday? Anyway, on with the show!

-I'm really enjoying these pieces, in spite of (well, okay, because of) the fact that there's nothing really going on. Mr. Horigame throwing the horns was excellent.

-Mugi claims to have planted a tracker in Sawako, and what's the reaction? "Well, that's convenient." Not "What?", "How?", or even "Why?". If she had been wound up a bit more, I could almost see Mio following up with "when did you put one in me and how do you get rid of it?!". I could also see an adult Mugi taking over the Magnificent 10, just to show them how to properly run a railroad. (And then secretly putting them to work for the Good Guys, because she's not evil, after all; just the Lawful Good equivalent of a supervillain).

"This is probably a stupid question, but . . ."

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