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Conferences Street Fighter: Warrior's Legacy Topic #55
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Dec-31-10, 04:47 PM (EST)
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"(frag 2) Battle 07: LIBERTY"
        Gryph sat in his favorite chair in the corner and thumbed 
through the mail.
"Bill... bill... may have already won... preapproved credit card
for Fury... have you considered a home equity loan. Hmm!" He flipped a
narrow envelope with distinctive red and blue airmail edging out of the
stack and considered it. "This looks interesting. Who do we know in
Mexico City?"
"Nobody that I can think of," I said.
"Here you go, Sakura," he said, tossing the envelope across to
his slightly surprised student at the end of the couch. "You're taking
Spanish this year - see what you make of that."
"Oh, sure, give it to third-language girl," she muttered,
slitting the envelope open with a thumbnail and removing a neatly folded
piece of paper from inside. "A-h'-hm. 'Dear Gryphon.' - El Grifo, if
you please! 'If we may introduce ourselves, we are... free wrestlers?
In the city of Mexico. Your kind hospitality to those who visit your
home is,' um... " She peered more closely. "... Ah, OK. 'Legendary
among the... warriors of the street.' Aw, that's nice. 'We would like
to... know you that... ' No. 'We would like you to know that, if you
and your famous student - ' I'm famous? ' - come to our restaurant
in... Milmáscaras? We will show you the same warm... ghost? Spirit.
Spirit of welcome. We would consider it a great honor to show you our
home and... test our might against yours. Yours very truly, El Fuerte
y El Fuego.' And then there's a phone number."
"Hm!" Gryph said. "Luchadores, eh? I've never fought a
luchador before. What do you guys think? Who's up for a trip to Mexico

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