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Terminus Est
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Jun-28-15, 05:01 AM (EST)
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"Pseudomonas (warning, gross description)"
   I was diagnosed this week with a pseudomonas infection of the lower legs (yes, both of them, and no, I'm not sure which strain). I've been put on ciprofloxacin oral and gentamicin sulfate ointment, alongside tramadol for pain. During the initial visit I was given a shot and a prescription for sulfamethoxazole-tmp (bactrim), which I was told to stop taking two days later via phone because it was ineffective against the culture they took.

The infected area (primarily the left calf) is covered with small bumps that resemble blisters, and one large ulcer that has been described as a shallow split in the skin approximately an inch and a half to two inches in length, and I wasn't told how wide. The right leg is much less visibly affected, and much less painful as well - I suspect that it was infected via contact with the original area during sleep.

Since I started taking the antibiotic (two days ago), the pain has not reduced by any appreciable amount - it still feels like someone's driving a red-hot poker through the back of my leg, and it's still draining pretty heavily. I can't very well look at it to see if it's improving or not, meaning I have to rely on someone else's opinion... but to be perfectly honest I'm not sure they're being entirely candid with me. Parents are like that. I'm also having trouble with leg cramps, which you can imagine just makes the whole thing feel GREAT, but that's somewhat beside the point.

My questions are: Is hospitalization likely? What kind of prognosis can I expect, given that I am on medication that cultures suggest should be effective? And how the hell can I reduce the pain without aggravating the infection, because holy fuggin' OW.

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