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Terminus Est
Member since Nov-5-04
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May-29-16, 01:05 AM (EDT)
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"WTF, Marvel"
   So, apparently the current writer of the Captain America comic has decided to go absolutely batshit insane, and he's taking Cap with him. I've never been a huge comics person - I can count the number of physical issues I've owned on one finger, and that one was bought for me when I was like... six. And, to be truthful, I'm not the world's biggest Cap fan (Iron Man is much more my flavor of badass). But what this writer is doing is shitting all over the legacy of a character that has almost certainly been around longer than he has.

I... I think I'll take my vitriol elsewhere. I've had to back off entirely too many f-bombs in this post. Just wanted to give other people a place to vent, if they so choose.

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