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Conferences Our Witches at War Topic #19
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8. "RE: A Little Something"
In response to message #3
   >A question: back in New Tricks, Mio spent a month or so I think
>with UF-Gryphon on Ishiyama, but it was only the NEXT DAY when she
>returned to her own universe/timeline... if that's the case will
>UF-Gryphon been gone a long time or a short time in the UF-verse?

It was actually more like four or five months - she arrived in summer and left the day after the first snowfall of the year - but it wasn't a straight crosstime jump; she traveled forward (and then back) in time as well. Therefore, the relative speeds of both timelines aren't necessarily important. To use an inaccurate but serviceable metaphor, she didn't just cross the road, she went several houses down as well.

What this means is that Gryphon doesn't need to keep track of how long he's spent in 1946 to calculate his return trip when the time comes - he just has to know how long his absence from 2411 has been Established Fact, in order to avoid causing awkward adjustments (or indavertently spawning a new parallel timeline through paradox resolution) when he goes back. Hence his query to Marceline about when she'd left from. Technically speaking, he could go back to before she left - or indeed before he left, if he was careful not to meet himself - but it's safer and less fiddly to aim for a day or two later, just to give himself a margin to work with.

In practice, since he has no idea how to make a time jump from 1946 (it's not as if the technology yet exists to build even a primitive flux capacitor, let alone anything more sophisticated, and he's not too sanguine about his chances of pulling off the metasorcerous technique Mio used), inasmuch as he's thought about it at all, he probably assumes that someone will have to come and get him, in which case it's technically their problem. :)

(Plan B is to just wait around until the mid-1980s, when he expects he will be able to build a flux capacitor. Assuming the Neuroi don't destroy humanity, that wouldn't be a particularly problematic outcome.)

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