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4. "RE: Not technically source material yet..."
In response to message #1
   >Hang on, is the the captain or the lead? Since they've said the lead
>on Discovery won't be the captain. (Or did they walk that back
>while I wasn't looking? Also entirely possible.)

The lead, Lt. Cmdr. Rainsford, aka "Number One." And before you ask, they're saying she's not supposed to be the same character played by Majel Barrett, but named in honor of her...or something. It's all rather weird and confusing, even for a new Trek series.

>Also also, isn't that show supposed to launch, like, next month?
>They're just announcing the casting now? What the? The timetable for
>this show has always seemed a little weird, but that's above and

The release date is a moving target these days. First they said January 2017, then that got pushed back to March 2017. Now they're insisting it will be May 2017, but assume even that date is subject to change. I'm beginning to suspect that this series is slowly slipping into Development Hell.

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