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1. "RE: just a few thoughts....."
In response to message #0
   >how can the top gear crew be 400 years old and not be members of the

WDF membership wasn't the only way to get onto the ride for the long haul - and they may have been for a while, long long ago. I've never developed it because it's never been important enough to worry about.

>what is the name of Anthy and corwins girl?

That hasn't been revealed yet.

>Which one of the girl is pregent Juri or kate? and what did they have
>and the name of thier baby?

If either Juri or Kate is going to have a child, I assure you it's news to me.

>why would redneck during exile being on the target list for bounty
>hunting when he had only been in the WDF for 10 years at most. he had
>been a founder of the confeds merc chapter for the better part of 200

You kind of answered your own question there. It wasn't from his WDF membership so much as his prominence in the Freespacer nation.

>what ever happaned to the two ships that made up the wings of the
>wayward son anyway? i never seen anything for what happened in the
>storys from the website?

Daedalus was last seen back on (or, well, near) Musashi; ReRob's plan in UF4 was to use the Phoenix as an FTL tow vehicle for her (why, I'm not sure, since Daedalus has her own FTL systems), but the situation developed so rapidly that the bigger ship had to be left behind, and for whatever reason, she hasn't been seen since. Prometheus has been refitted, and by the "present day" in FI (ca. 2410) she's the lead (right now only) carrier for the International Police Space Force's small but growing starfighter force.

>speaking of wolfgang, what did he do with everyone from the ship yards
>when he left and why did he go looking for the dyson schere anyway?

They'd already cleared off by the time he left, the situation having descended into outright panic by that point, and as for why he went looking for it, well... he more or less explains that in his speech in Reunion. How he found out about it hasn't been revealed, but what he wanted it for, that's more or less spelled out there - as a fortress to house the rebuilding and rebirth of the WDF.

>what was the rough size of the WFD anyway, just rough numbers and

Before UF3? It had only the one really big combatant (the SDF-17); the Intelligence Division had a few dozen scouts and infiltrator ships; Exploration Command had a dozen or so exploration/mapping ships big enough to have proper names (of which Enterprise was the most famous); and the Deep Space Patrol numbered about the same, of which Righteous Indignation and Delphinus were the best-known. In terms of personnel, I've no idea - lots.

In and after UF4, it's much bigger - at least a hundred capital ships, probably many more, with increased personnel numbers to match. I haven't given it a really close examination.

>much less what happened to members who had been retired from the force
>for years? would they have been on the list of being taken out?

GENOM's trackdown was pretty thorough, because they'd had a mole on Lord F's staff (Decker) who provided them with (among other things) extensive personnel data. The 2290s and early 2300s were a bad time to have ever had anything to do with the WDF, but then, they were a bad time in general...

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