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Aug-30-12, 10:27 PM (EDT)
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5. "RE: just a few thoughts....."
In response to message #4
   thanks guys for the comments. the things with kate and juri is one of the chapters was set up i think athy or one of the other girls was going to use the bathroom and heard juri and kate talking about being with micky and i could have sworn that one of them said they where with child. it did not say which one. guess i will have to go back and try to find it in the later chapters...

as for reading in one sitting over the month...i guess it helps being out of work to do it one shot every night...and there are some very long chapters.

as for the minis i have read the omni bus stuff, i have read a few of the newer stuff. not a lot fo the storys a few. the one that made art of noice was cool though.

some of my fav charaters though are griffen and his kids, kate and all hers freinds are my fav for some reason...the duelest are cool parrying a lightsaber with a normal sword...epic
corwin is very cool.

the roses are very cool...the human transformer and the clay pigeions for a squard name with "pull". much less the dark wing thing going....

doc is very cool and its cool to see where the nickname came from i think...taking the weekend off and being back in an hour...that funny.

myth busters and jamie as a jedi knight....that is beyond rolling on the floor

windom and his brother....Morf as a jedi in black leather...and shades....priceless

yuri's boyfriend type r is cool....

redneck has been fun to read about...also being a sorta jedi....

darth vader and his new lease on life with taking the eva crew as a side kick group....being married to washa...the poor guy.....much less the 4 year terror of his dauther....

one last thought, the very open minded setting is cool, it just leaves the thought of who has griffen not had fun with? i have to say he makes james bond look tame though...and has cooler toys and better fighting skills....

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