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Conferences Our Witches at War Topic #24
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5. "RE: OWaW 5"
In response to message #0
   I'm gonna admit my stupidity here and point out that it wasn't until the third re-reading AND a visit to the annotations thread that I *think* I finally figured out what was going on in this episode.

The Neuroi that the rocketmen were 'attacking' wasn't a Neuroi at all, was it.

When Gryphon and his incredibly flexible flight partner burst through it, I was baffled. What's this? What the hell? Etc. And that's probably exactly what they were thinking, so, points for ... immersion?

But then they just move on with things like it's perfectly clear to everyone what's going on and that's also legit, they didn't have time to stand (fly?) around explaining to the dumb audience what had just happened, there was a REAL Neuroi bearing down on prince fuckwit, I get it...

... but then the episode ended and I guess I got my wish, it wasn't a cliffhanger this time, but it just didn't feel like the natural end of the ride to me. All of OWaW has so far (my kvetching about the cliffhangers notwithstanding :D ), but this one didn't.

Given that I haven't had this problem with other installments (I think...), I'm leaning towards it not being as clearly written this time around. Not bad, still highly entertaining, would (did) read again, 9/10, the box did not contain a live bobcat, etc. But Eyrie works don't usually make me feel like an idjut, and this one did.

Maybe I'm just having an off day, I dunno.


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